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What is a WordPress page Builder?

You can design pages or articles with an enhanced version of the editor that you can find within WordPress. Most often, these WordPress Page Builder integrate a drag and drop visual interface, which means that the changes you make to the design are live in real time.

What is the difference between a Page Builder and a Theme Builder?

For many of us, the difference between a Page Builder and a Theme Builder is not very clear. Let me explain the difference between these two notions.

WordPress Page Builder are tools that will allow you to create and edit elements within a page or article. These Page Builder plugins are most often equipped with a visual interface and a Drag and Drop system to move items in your page or article. With these Page Builder plugins, you can not, except in rare cases, modify elements of your WordPress theme like the Header or the Footer.

Which WordPress theme to use with a Page Builder plugin?

As with many choices in life, choosing a WordPress theme is actually a subjective choice. Don’t worry, WPBuilder.org is here for you. We will list you the various facts (technical, marketing, …) you need to consider before making your choice.

You’ll see, there are WordPress themes that are more optimized than others to work in tandem with a Page Builder. These WordPress themes often have a very simple style, which is voluntary, to give free rein to your imagination. In addition, these WordPress themes are optimized regarding the loading time. As you probably know, Page Builder has a silly reputation for loading time. This time is very important because Google, the main search engine, integrates it in its criteria for rank websites.

Pros and Cons of a Page Builder

Like it or not, Page Builder are more and more used by webmasters. Not free from criticism, they have improved a lot for several years. Let’s review together the pros and cons of using a Page Builder for your WordPress website. 


  • Great tool for non-developers
  • Wide choice of customization
  • Sites made with Page Builder are easier to maintain or update
  • Wide choice of Page Builder. We have the choice


  • For developpers, slower option than coding (lot of clicking)
  • Can make websites slower
  • Misused, may cause SEO problems
  • It's a trap! Some webmasters may feel a "locked in" feelings. If you disable Page Builder, there is no salvation for you!

As you can see, there is a real benefit to using a Builder page. They can help the most novice webmasters and make life easier for developers. Very restrictive at first, these Page Builder improve every day and I would not be surprised that one day, Gutenberg (the native text editor of WordPress) will end up looking like these Page Builder.

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