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Guidelines and rules to submit websites

Page builders are great tools that allows you to make beautiful websites and with many features. To promote quality sites that use the capabilities of page Builders, we invite you to submit your website to promote it.

There are certain rules to follow to see his website listed here:

  • Your website must use a builder page (Captain obvious)
  • The section “Tell us more about your website” should not be a copy of a press release or the title of your site.
    Make the effort to write a text of 100 words minimum (unique text, will be checked) to talk about your project.
  • We do not accept sites under construction
  • Sites that promote racism, discrimination, violence, sex, gambling, occult science … will not be accepted.
  • This section is not a directory. We reserve the right to include sites that we deem fit. (Subjective and assumed by us totally)

Thank you for your understanding

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