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Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is a great CMS. The tool, which was released in 2003, runs more than 31% of the websites in the world! Initially conceived as a tool for the creation of personal blogs, WordPress has changed over the years into a much more comprehensive CMS that allows today to create sites such as blogs, ecommerce sites, portfolios, … As you can see, WordPress is the most complete and indispensable tool of today for creating a website.

As we are more than 28 million people using WordPress, you can imagine that the majority of website creators are not developers! You will tell me that these figures are fine, but actually, if I have never built a website before, how do I get out? We are not 28 million developers! So if we are new in this internet thing, how can we create a website with WordPress which do not make us ashamed?

You have several options available to you. You can call on a web developer who will create the site of your dreams. Be careful though, quality and competence have a cost. The second, less expensive option is to buy a multifunction WordPress theme like Divi or Avada and try to personalize it. You’ll get by for a reasonable price but you will have to spend hours and hours to customize the WordPress theme in question for a result not always satisfactory.

If you want to get out of this loop of websites that all have the same design, you can opt for the third option which is the WordPress page builder

These tools, which appeared in the beginning of 2015, are very popular today. To name only the largest, Divi and Elementor have a community of more than 500,000 members each. (you can see websites made with Elementor here)

Formerly disparaged, these Page Builder have improved to the point of proposing a serious alternative in the construction of Internet site for the most novices of us but also for the developers who can exploit all the options to propose websites easy to use for their customers.

 The mission of is simple. We want to give you all the information you need to choose the WordPress Page Builder that will be most suitable for your website project. We will not be complacent in our tests because that would do you a disservice. We will test all WordPress Page Builder, judging them on defined and objective criteria. Like that you can choose a solution with peace of mind and with the conviction that you have made the right choice.

What is a WordPress page Builder?

A WordPress page builder comes in the form of a plugin (or integrated component with a WordPress theme like in the case of Divi for example) that adds advanced design features to a site that uses WordPress CMS.

You can design pages or articles with an enhanced version of the editor that you can find within WordPress. Most often, these WordPress Page Builder integrate a drag and drop visual interface, which means that the changes you make to the design are live in real time.

What is the difference between a Page Builder and a Theme Builder?

For many of us, the difference between a Page Builder and a Theme Builder is not very clear. Let me explain the difference between these two notions.

WordPress Page Builder are tools that will allow you to create and edit elements within a page or article. These Page Builder plugins are most often equipped with a visual interface and a Drag and Drop system to move items in your page or article. With these Page Builder plugins, you can not, except in rare cases, modify elements of your WordPress theme like the Header or the Footer.

Pros and Cons of a Page Builder

Like it or not, Page Builder are more and more used by webmasters. Not free from criticism, they have improved a lot for several years. Let’s review together the pros and cons of using a Page Builder for your WordPress website. 


  • Great tool for non-developers
  • Wide choice of customization
  • Sites made with Page Builder are easier to maintain or update
  • Wide choice of Page Builder. We have the choice


  • For developpers, slower option than coding (lot of clicking)
  • Can make websites slower
  • Misused, may cause SEO problems
  • It's a trap! Some webmasters may feel a "locked in" feelings. If you disable Page Builder, there is no salvation for you!

As you can see, there is a real benefit to using a Builder page. They can help the most novice webmasters and make life easier for developers. Very restrictive at first, these Page Builder improve every day and I would not be surprised that one day, Gutenberg (the native text editor of WordPress) will end up looking like these Page Builder.

Which WordPress theme to use with a Page Builder plugin?

As with many choices in life, choosing a WordPress theme is actually a subjective choice. Don’t worry, is here for you. We will list you the various facts (technical, marketing, …) you need to consider before making your choice.

You’ll see, there are WordPress themes that are more optimized than others to work in tandem with a Page Builder. These WordPress themes often have a very simple style, which is voluntary, to give free rein to your imagination. In addition, these WordPress themes are optimized regarding the loading time. As you probably know, Page Builder has a silly reputation for loading time. This time is very important because Google, the main search engine, integrates it in its criteria for rank websites.

Another WordPress theme review site?

At we believe that technology should benefit everyone. We created this site for one simple purpose: help everyone to launch a website without spending a crazy amount of money. Unlike many existing sites, we do not intend to present WordPress themes. We do more than that. We test all the WordPress themes presented in different aspects (technical, marketing, …) in order to present you honest, reliable and trustworthy reviewsWe bought all the WordPress themes and all the Page Builder plugins with our own money. This point is important because we do not wish to be influenced in our review.

However, in a desire for total transparency, that we participate in affiliate programs of most studios. These links help us to remunerate the time spent on these reviews. Our verdict is not affected by these links.

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